The World Bank and the Eurasian Center for Food Security assess human capital in soil science in Africa, Central Asia, and the South Caucasus.

Human capital is the foundation of science and the services it can provide to society. This study took stock of the existing human capital in soil science in several regions to gain insights into the current structural gaps in this human capital. These gaps need to be filled to effectively address the current and emerging food security challenges.


On Soil Scientist AfricaThis report is an all-Africa opinion poll of practicing soil scientists. It broadly reflects the structure of the education, research, and environmental and agricultural services that soil scientists offer to the continent. It also reflects on the current job market for soil science graduates in Africa, future prospects for the job market, and demand for soil-related services.

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Taking Stock CAThis report evaluates whether the human capital in soil science within Central Asian and the South Caucasus countries is sufficient to meet the many food security and environmental challenges facing these countries now and is likely to be so in the near future. The report's evaluation was designed to identify and analyze the strenghts and gaps in capacity of human capital in soil science. It was built around desk review and visits to each country in the regions (except Turkmenistan) to pose questions to key participants and stakeholders within the soil science profession and end users of soil information in the public and private sectors.

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